FAQ: Insurance
At Primrose Healing and Wellness, we are out of network with all insurance companies. Most people do
not understand the limitations that insurance companies put on the type of care that individuals can
receive. Insurance companies require a psychiatric diagnosis in order to pay for services. These must be
psychiatric disorders that are found in the diagnostic and statistical manual VI. Not everyone seeking
therapy necessarily fits the criteria for a diagnosis. If a diagnosis is not given, insurance companies will
not pay. When people come in for couples’ therapy there is often not a psychiatric diagnosis and people
do not want that label.

When using insurance, clients often do not realize that the content of their sessions with their therapist
are not always confidential. When using insurance an individual is allowing their insurance company to
talk with the therapist about the client. Insurance companies want information about diagnosis,
treatment planning and often times content of sessions. The insurance companies are determining if it
is medically necessary for the client to be receiving services. Insurance companies are telling therapists
the type of therapy that is approved to use and the number of sessions that they will pay for.

Primrose Healing and Wellness has a strong philosophy in working with our clients to design treatment
plans that meet the unique needs of every individual. We do not want to limit our services because an
insurance company dictates what we can and can not do. We strongly value the confidential
relationship that clients have with their therapist. We have seen how detrimental it can be for clients
when confidential information can be accessed by health insurance companies.

At Primrose Healing and Wellness, we offer high quality care to our clients. We work for them and not
for insurance companies. Our clients are involved in their own treatment planning and goal setting. We
do not want the type of care we provide compromised, which is why we haven chosen to not take